TuneUp Audio helps you fine-tune your vocal performance so it sounds perfectly in tune and in sync. We also make necessary rhythmic corrections to your solo lines, tighten up instrumental band tracks and perfectly stack-up chorus / acapella tracks to enhance the quality of the track.
Simply upload your tracks onto the TuneUp Audio's website and our highly skilled music producers and engineers will tastefully fix them up with utmost attention to detail and send them back to you. It is as easy and convenient as that! TuneUp Audio makes your audience hear you like never before.

TuneUp Audio uses high-end, state of the art software and hardware to process your precious work with absolutely no compromise on quality.
Our team of music producers and engineers are all experienced professionals within the music industry. They have over a decade of experience in crafting sound for award-winning artists across the world, which has made them exceptional at making artists, and musicians sound superior and enhanced. Since TuneUp Audio is a confidential service, we do not name the projects or artists we have worked for and we understand that you would want the same from us for your projects! We are committed to confidentiality.

If you are a professional music producer or a musician and are too busy to do detailed pitch and time correction, you can outsource it to us so you can focus on other creative aspects of music where your time is more valuable. If you are a student, an aspiring singer, musician or even a home recordist and would like to sound professional but can't afford the high cost of long and expensive studio sessions and technical personnel, we can help. We can tune up and iron out your self/home recording to sound profeassional quality at a fraction of the cost.
Above all, we maintain complete confidentiality for all our clients. With the help of TuneUp Audio, you can make every performance stand out from the crowd without them finding out about the flaws :)

The TuneUp Audio website is user-friendly and easy to navigate.

- Begin with clicking ‘Sign Up Free’ on the homepage to create your user account. Verify your user ID by following simple instructions sent via email to your email address. Then you can login with your email ID and password.
- Once logged-in, go to ‘My account’ and click on ‘Add New Project’. An “Add project” window will open with options to upload your track(s).
- Enter the Project Name and Song Name and you’re ready to upload your audio files!
- There’s three kinds of tracks that you will need to upload :
1) Your ‘untuned’ track* : The source file that you want to get pitch corrected and/or rhythmically aligned in .wav or .aiff format. You can upload multiple untuned files by clicking the ‘+’ sign.
2) Backing Track/Minus Track* : A backing track without vocals. We require this to be able to judge how your vocals will fit in with your arrangement.
3) Rough Track : A reference mix track. Not a requirement, but we recommend uploading a rough mix.

There is an option titled ‘Rhythmic Alignment’, selecting ‘yes’ or ‘no’ will tell us whether you would like the track to be rhythmically corrected or not.
After the upload is completed just click on ‘Submit’ to request a free quote.
Once you receive your quote, you can select the untuned tracks, pay for them, then we will begin the tuning process.
Once we finish our correction process, you can open your project and download the tuned files from the 'COMPLETED PROJECTS' tab just below 'MY PROJECTS'.
Please feel free to contact us if anything is not clear while you upload the tracks.

As they say, no question is a silly question so feel free to ask, we are happy to help :)

* Minimum one untuned track and minus track are mandatory for us to be able to accept and start working on your project.

* We accept only .wav and. aif format tracks for untuned tracks. Whereas .mp3s are allowed as minus one and rough mix tracks.

* Your tuned files will be deleted from the cloud in 30 days after completion of the tuning process.

Regardless of which digital audio workstation software you use, these few common check points will ensure that your exported files will be ready to be worked on :
- Have a common start point for all your untuned vocal tracks and the minus one track.
- In case there are multiple vocal tracks you’re sending, make sure you isolate/solo each track separately before exporting. We pitch/time correct only solo (monophonic) vocal tracks.
- Please turn off any reverb / delay / chorus or any modulation based FX processing. We can only work with recordings that are as dry as possible.
- While exporting the minus one/backing track, please make sure the vocal track is muted, along with any associated FX such as reverb. While exporting the minus one/backing track, please make sure the vocal track is muted, along with any associated FX such as reverb.
- Please make sure that the ‘normalize’ option is turned off before you export.
- All exported tracks must be at least 44.1k / 24bit .WAV or .aiff .

A backing or minus one is essentially an instrumental track which is the accompaniment behind a solo vocal or instrumental performance. It is referred to as “minus one” because it subtracts a key element of the song, usually the solo vocal.

Tune Up Audio is a confidential service and we have the utmost respect for our users’ privacy. To request a personalised Non-Disclosure Agreement by Tune Up Audio, email us at support@tuneupaudio.com

If you have any other queries, kindly email us on support@tuneupaudio.com