About Us

Our team is made up of left-brained creative technologists, right-brained music professionals and everyone in between. We are a group of sound engineers, music producers and music creatives based in Mumbai, India. We love music and musicians. Our mission is to give music makers the freedom of creativity and provide affordable pitch correction service for musicians, composers and students community.

Our Bollywood experienced music engineers will polish your music ready to balance and play alongside the best and biggest sounds. Make the world listen to it with confidence.

While working professionally, we found that despite of having all the musical training and using best recording engineering skills, under best studios and putting hours of hard work, the musicians and artists struggle sometimes to make their song sound perfectly in tune to make it stand out like like International Platinum record holding artist. The tracks are in need of music correction and tune up to make them professional quality. We realised there was a need for a dedicated music correction and tune up service to solve this problem and that too in the most cost effective way so everyone can afford it while keeping it confidential to protect their identity. With that in mind we decided to start TuneUp Audio.

TuneUp Audio was born out of the lack of options to provide professional pitch correction services for the music industry professionals who like to hear their live recordings flawless. We provide an affordable professional audio pitch correction service. TuneUp Audio was created with an intention to make the music production easier for the composers, music producers, professional musicians and music students. It is a cheap, fast, convenient and confidential service.

We help you sound like a Pro with guaranteed confidentiality.

Our pitch correction service starts at just Rs 750. Contact us now for a free quote for your pitch correction project.